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Reflective Journey Transformative Coaching

Reflective Journey provides transformative coaching services aimed at empowering individuals to envision their future and progress towards it. Coaching, characterized as the art and practice of guiding individuals towards enhanced competence and fulfillment, serves as a catalyst for personal growth and achievement.

The Objective Of Coaching

Is to assist individuals in attaining their objectives. Coaching operates under the fundamental premise that clients are mentally and emotionally prepared to receive guidance and instruction towards goal achievement. The coaching process is centred on fostering and sustaining motivation for change, identifying and addressing obstacles hindering progress, and collaboratively devising actionable plans for transformative outcomes.

The Coach

The coach's role is to create a nurturing environment where the client can freely express their emotions, thoughts, and concerns, and delve into exploring their situation and intended goals. 

As a coach, I set aside any preconceived notions I may have in order to fully engage with and understand the client's perspective. Consequently, the client experiences being genuinely listened to and understood, enabling them to freely explore their inner world, beliefs, and thoughts without interference, interruption, or external interpretation.

Existentialism And Coaching

Existentialism, a branch of philosophy rooted in humanism, delves into the fundamental inquiries surrounding existence and the subjective experience of "being." As such, it embodies a philosophy centred on the lived human experience. 

Existential coaching offers clients the chance to delve into their personal experience of existence and interconnectedness with others, as we inherently exist in relationships. It recognizes that we are thrown into the world, confronted by the unavoidable realities of human existence—what existentialists term "givens." These givens encompass our temporality, mortality, uncertainty, freedom, choices, responsibilities, and the quest for meaning. I call this the human condition.

Existentialism And Anxiety

Due to the human condition and the inherent realities of existence, existential philosophers assert that we all grapple with what they term existential anxiety—a profound unease associated with inhabiting this world alongside others and the perpetual invitation to embrace change that life presents. 

An existential coach encourages clients to acknowledge their anxiety and summon the bravery to live authentically and fully. This entails facing life's challenges and adversities with courage and openness, embracing the full spectrum of lived experience.

Existential coaching offers a supportive environment to assist you in various aspects, including:
  • Expressing your life experience

  • Cultivating self-confidence

  • Enhancing decision-making abilities and skills

  • Attaining optimal life balance 

  • Building stronger relationships

  • Strengthening your abilities in communication and active listening

  • Conquering procrastination

  • Deepening your awareness of your inner self

  • Refining your vision

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