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Christian Counselling

Christian Counselling For Healing And Growth

Christian counselling is characterized by the integration of spiritual wisdom from the Holy Spirit and psychological insights, with the Bible serving as our steadfast guide. 

My aim, through compassionate and effective Christian Counselling, is to guide you towards deep healing and newfound freedom. I am dedicated to merging these deeply spiritual concepts of freedom with evidence-based therapeutic techniques. As a trained Christian Therapists, I am driven by the conviction that emotional struggles are best addressed by integrating the wisdom found in scriptural teachings with the understanding of human psychology. 

The Christian walk is not about adhering to a rigid religious checklist or merely imitating Jesus' actions; it's about embodying His essence. Jesus exemplified the epitome of freedom, wholeness, and authenticity. I believe that the objective of Christian Counselling is to support my clients in attaining the same level of freedom, wholeness, and authenticity. 

In my counselling sessions, I foster an open dialogue exploring the connection between God's word and your current circumstances. Through Christian counselling, I aim to empower you to draw strength from your faith when faced with challenges.


"I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer"


Psalm 17:6.

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